CHRIS is an experimental service designed to use a variety of media to distribute information on health related topics
​Explore the different pages and if you would like to contribute please select the "CONTACT" page.

Go to “Links” to discover video and site links for a wide variety of health topics. This is a new way of giving access to information as a replacement for material used on the TV screens in some surgery waiting rooms. What you want and when you want it.
It is accessible from smart phones and tablets and people in waiting rooms can use the free WIFI connection available at most surgeries.

The long-term aim is to stream  broadcasts via the Internet. It is an ambitious plan and until that time arrives the "R" could stand for "Reference."
Community Health  Reference Internet Service. It works and maintains the acronym but does not quite have the same flow.

​CHRIS operates without any commercial or financial gain and is a free service for the people of Mansfield and the surrounding area.
The site is a hosted by Weebly and any adverts. encountered are all down to YouTube and/or the website builder company. The videos are accessed via links to YouTube which also keeps web site hosting fees to be low.                         

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Health is an important personal matter and you should seek professional medical advice if you are concerned about your health.
The purpose of this site is to provide access and broker various information. It does not specifically recommend or validate any of the information found. 
The site will always be “Work in progress”  usually edited once per month when time allows. 18.05.19